Lunch Bunch Program


At Mes Amis French School, we offer a wonderful Lunch Bunch option where your child is invited to bring in a lunch from home, play a bit beforehand and then sit among friends (old and new) during lunch. This is a very intentional flexible program in which you can sign up weeks in advance or on that single day of choice during drop off.

The Department of Health (our licensure) has set forth specific sanctions regarding Bag Lunch Requirements for the benefit of all children. Mes Amis French School does not have the capability to prepare food nor do we hold the responsibility to purchase food for a child’s lunch.

As of August 2017, here are the following necessities for lunches brought to school set forth by the Minnesota Department of Health:
¾ cup of Milk: provided by Mes Amis French School
1.5 oz. of Protein: parent provided
¼ cup of Fruit: parent provided
¼ cup of Vegetables: parent provided
½ slice per serving of Grain: parent provided

For reference, Bag Lunch Requirements, set forth by the Minnesota Department of Health are included below.

Because we are REQUIRED to fulfill the mandates set forth by Licensing, your child will always have 4 items available to them. Your child does not have to eat what is served, but it will always be provided. If your child’s lunch is missing one of these components (fruit, vegetable, protein option) it will be supplemented by Mes Amis French School.

If a supplement by Mes Amis French School is provided for your child, an item charge will be added to your monthly account.

We apologize if there is any inconvenience in preparing your child’s lunch. The Department of Health truly is attempting to ensure the health of all children, and this is what it looks like at our level. As with all licensing standards, this is one part we must adhere to. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Additional Notes:

  • We are a complete peanut/nut free facility
  • Cylindrical food MUST be cut lengthwise as well as small, rounded food: grapes, grape tomatoes, hot dogs, carrots (including baby carrots), beef sticks, etc. If you are ever in doubt, please ask or send an email