Private Tutoring

Tuteurs privés

French Tutoring is available on a requested basis. Contact us at info@mesamisfrenchschool.org for more information and register with our link above!

Reasons for a Private Tutor

All languages present challenges to non-native speakers and everyone needs help at one time or another. Private tutoring can help.

  • Student Anxiety: Sometimes, one-on-one attention can be a game changer especially for anxious students. While consistent practice found through conversation is best, some students do not feel comfortable right off the bat. Until they are ready for our after school program, private tutoring can be the right fit.
  • Specific Language Hurdles: Sometimes students struggle with pronunciation, proper feminine/masculine use, conjugation, spelling, grammar, or a multitude of other language hurdles. Mes Amis can help.

Other Options

If Private Tutoring is not exactly what the student needs, check out our After School Program. French students gather to practice together. Make friends, gain confidence, and practice French in a fun environment!