Parent Aware

We’re proud to say our curriculum is approved by the state of Minnesota. At Mes Amis, we work hard to nurture our student’s well being and fundamental growth. Our Parent Aware review states we meet the following required criteria:

  • curriculum includes a research basis/philosophy statement that describes how children learn and how teachers teach
  • curriculum includes instructional approaches to help children achieve goals and objectives
  • curriculum provides goals and objectives of children’s learning
  • is reasonably aligned with the Minnesota Early Childhood Indicators of Progress
  • provides information about the setting and environment in which learning happens
  • provides examples of children’s learning experiences for each domain in the Minnesota ECIP domains, for each age group

We receive the highest rating from the Parent Aware system. Our 4 Star rating means that we demonstrate all 1, 2, and 3 Star rating practices and commit to ongoing quality improvement by using most of the following practices: 

  • respond to unique cultural customs and needs of children and families
  • offer activities that encourage family participation and help children transition to kindergarten
  • give families opportunities to provide feedback about the program
  • share child development updates with families to set goals together
  • make accommodations for children with special needs and their families
  • have highly-qualified and trained leadership staff, teachers, and providers
  • create a program-wide professional development plan
  • encourage healthy living through nutrition and physical activity, always evaluating to set goals for growth

(if you have questions about this decision, please contact: Michelle Lenhart, Minnesota Department of Human Services, 651-431-3871, michelle.lenhart@state.mn.us)