Summer Camp Schedule

This summer we’re learning about the Francophone countries France and Togo! Weeks 1-4 will be focused on France, Weeks 5-8 will be spent learning about Togo. Week 9 will be tales and legends from both countries! Join us as we learn through special guests and fun activities like singing, dancing, cooking, and art!

Week 1: June 14-18

Introduction to France! Learning about the country, people, their symbols and their meanings. 

Week 2: June 21-25

Tourism in France, learning about famous places to visit and vacation. 

Week 3: June 28-july 2

Learning about France’s delicious local desserts. 

Week 4: July 12-16

Celebrating La fête de la Bastille, 14 juillet (Bastille Day, July 14)  & experiencing the most popular sports in France. 

Week 5: July 19-23

Introduction to Togo! Learning about the country, people, and fun facts about the country. 

Week 6: July 26-30

Togo’s tourism, famous places to visit and their activities. 

Week 7: August 2-6

Learn about Togo’s local cuisine, their popular snacks and drinks.

Week 8: August 9-13

Learn about Togo’s music and art, their local instruments, paintings, and artists. 

Week 9: August 16-20

France & Togo’s tales and legends, popular stories, learning tales and legends kids are taught from both countries.